​Sustainability is an integrative 
part of my life. 

​I am fond of experiencing nature and the outdoors, where I can get a clear head for making important decisions. I take delight in music and the masterly interpretation by musicians who give it their personal touch. Modern art with its intriguing perspective to generate and mediate values is one of my major sources of inspiration. My professional life is consistently mirrored by my individual interests. The overall guiding principle thereby is sustainability based on future-oriented decision-making.


​Formative years

​​Study of Natural Sciences at the University of Fribourg (CH)

​​​Study of Law at the University of Innsbruck (A) - extra-occupational

​​Certified trustee in Liechtenstein

​​University Liechtenstein: Trust Law CAS

​​Study program a the Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok and Chiang Mai

​University Liechtenstein: National and International Taxation CAS

​University Liechtenstein: LL.M International Taxation

​​​​Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Culture and Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities of the Principality of Liechtenstein

​Liechtensteinische Regierungschef-Stellvertreterin sowie Justizministerin, Bildungsministerin und Ministerin für Verkehr und Kommunikation

​Liechtensteinische Aussenministerin, Kulturministerin und Ministerin für Familie und Chancengleichheit

​​​Since 2010 CEO/Managing Trustee,
Rita Kieber-Beck Trust reg.

​​2015-2019 Lecturer at Middlesex University London
(in cooperation with KMU Akademie&Management)

​2015-2019 Dozentin an der Middlesex University London (in Kooperation mit KMU Akademie&Management)

​Sustainability is more than a term.  Sustainability can be personalized.

​There is always a person behind every sustainable solution – a person with experience, competence and commitment. A trust company gets involved in future issues, (potential) future developments and future challenges.
This requires keeping pace with the latest international standards and having an international network of professionals ready to share their expertise. This very ability to work out solutions and shape the future links us to our clients and business partners.


​The courage to make decisions stems from the decision-making accuracy.

​In the global network and ever increasing complexity of our world expert knowledge and a reliable international network of contacts has become vitally important.We will provide you with competent knowledge, expert counseling and first-rate services in every phase of your every concern. Our customer support is efficient and the costs are transparent.Our services for international individual and corporate clients are, among others.

For an international private and business clientele we provide services such as:


​Family Office

​Establishment and
administration of legal
entities, foundations,
trusts and trusteeships

Assumption of the
legal liabilities as
professional qualified
administrative/ supervisory
board and board of trustees/ foundation board

arrangements and
estate planning

​Asset protection

Tax advice

​Council of Trustees

​Rita Kieber-Beck, CEO and President of the Trustee Council.
My partners are also on the Council:
Jean-Louis Schiltz, member of the Trustee Council
Dr. Peter Mayer, member of the Trustee Council


Rita Kieber-Beck
Treuunternehmen reg. / Trust reg.
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